• Genderfriendly
  • Fits into every pocket and handbag
  • Urine turns into 100% solid gel within seconds
  • Leakproof! No bacteria, no smell
  • Made from recycled detergent bottles and foil

Everyone knows this situation. You have to pee but there is no toilet around? What are you going to do?

Minitoilet 2go, travel toilet, urine bag or simply Pee Bag, you name it. Jonhy Wee is the trustworthy companion for all genders when no toilet is around. From now on, women can pee standing!

When you pee through the adapter your urine will be turned into gel instantly. No bacteria, no smell! Jonhy Wee is small and convenient,
it fits easily into every pocket or handbag. You can use Jonhy Wee multiple times until the volume of 600ml (20 fl.oz) is reached.


Discreet, convenient and compact enough to take everywhere, Jonhy Wee pee bag is your ideal emergency toilet for the use in vehicles; for adults and kids stuck in a traffic jam while traveling; for commuters that travel long distances every day; for the ladies when going on a hike or camping (too many dirty toilets).

Especially people in a wheelchair experience big difficulties when on the go as there is not enough accessible toilets. Jonhy Wee supports people suffering from incontinence and also pregnant women that experience unexpected urgency to pee.

At your favourite music festival women do not need to worry anymore when mobile toilets are too dirty. Jonhy Wee serves as hygienic minitoilet that fits into every pocket or handbag.


Jonhy Wee focuses on sustainable solutions!
From biodegradable we are switching to recycled.
Let’s use what is out there!

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle