Introducing Jonhy Wee

Jonhy Wee is the ultimate emergency toilet for men, women and children who need to go when on the go. Designed for use virtually anywhere, this discreet urine bag is portable, lightweight and hygienic, making it your first choice no matter where you travel. So, what do you need to know about our portable toilet?

Jonhy Wee’s Top Features

  • Unisex adapter/funnel for all genders
  • 100% urine absorbed and turned into gel
  • Hygienic – no bacterial growth & odourless
  • Lightweight pee bags fit everywhere
  • 900ml capacity – enough to use multiple times
  • Seal comes with every bag for secure closure
  • EcoPure® additive to support biodegradation
  • Wet wipes included for extra hygiene
  • Easy disposal to residual/household waste

As Jonhy Wee is a unisex pee bag, it comes with an adapter/funnel which has been designed for use by women. This makes it just as easy for girls to use this toilet to go as boys. The product is very gender-friendly.

When taking a pee with Jonhy Wee, you’ll never need to worry about leakage or odours. Superabsorbent polymers granules inside a woven cloth within the bag absorb the liquid instantly. 100% of the urine is completely absorbed and turned into gel.

When toilet access is limited, Jonhy Wee is there to bring you relief. With its 900 ml capacity, this convenient and hygienic pee bag comes in a small package. Every package contains 3 pee bags that easily fit into your pockets, handbag or glovebox.

There is a seal included with every bag so that it can be firmly closed after use or even reused later on without any problems. To keep you fresh and clean afterwards, the package comes complete with wet wipes.

Pee bag
Volume 900ml
Height: 32cm
Width: 13cm
Net weight: 36g
Height: 17cm
Width: 15cm
Net weight: 120,3g

Jonhy Wee can be disposed of with your regular household waste since when it goes to landfill it begins to biodegrade. Thanks to EcoPure®, an organic additive, and thanks to urine itself the biodegradation process is being supported. The additive allows for microorganisms to recognise the material as “delicious food” and begin to break it down through normal biodegradation processing. We are constantly looking for new ways and resources to offer the most environmentally friendly mini toilet solution. Feel free to inspire us!